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World Environment Day. 46 years ago, on June 5, 1974, World Environment Day was celebrated internationally to explain why the world needs protection of the environment. The United Nations General Assembly convened the World Environment Conference from 5 to 16 June 1972 with the aim of raising political and social awareness around the world for the protection of the environment. The day declared by the United Nations is being celebrated by the member nations with the objective of bringing political and social awareness towards the environment. Since 2000, Nepal has been conducting various programs and campaigns. This year, Nepal is celebrating "Biodiversity for Safe Life".

The environment is a broad subject that deals with the natural, cultural and social systems, economic and human activities and their components, and the interactions and interrelationships between them. At present, mankind is exploiting nature for its own selfish ends. Whether it's weight loss, climate change, or water, land, air, or environmental pollution, humans and plants are at risk, scientists say. Earth, devastated by human aggression, has become uninhabitable. We are finding it difficult to pass on the healthy earth that our forefathers entrusted to future generations. Today's need is to preserve the present condition of the world and to pave the way for a long-term solution to the perishable.

Nepal is a country with 118 different ecosystems. It ranks 25th in the world in terms of biodiversity and 11th in Asia. The geography, religion, culture, traditions, customs and manners are naturally friendly. Worship of nature, flora, fauna, earth, water, sky, air, fire, planet, moon, sun worship, adoration, respect and devotion show that Nepal is a worshiper of nature.

The human world is a priesthood of nature. We need nature but nature does not need us. The more we respect and care for nature, the more we benefit. We are under pressure, exploitation and oppression and we are also facing negative effects. There is no such thing as a human being. We are the ones who are destroying, destroying and ruthlessly exposing our mothers. The environment of the world's 7.5 billion people is the common property of living creatures and plants. A healthy environment helps nature to develop a balanced and living plant. We are seriously disrupting the cleanliness of the natural environment under the pretext of benefiting from material progress.

The world environment has become clean, tidy and green at a time when the world is in a shambles due to Kovid-19. Carbon emissions have fallen by 17 percent. In 2008, the world's most polluted city in Europe, Milan, looked clean. Currently, the Environmental Measurement Center is showing green signs everywhere. The busy and dusty cities of Nepal have become clean and tidy. Air, water, land and noise pollution have been reduced. This indicates that the best way to strengthen the environment is to lock down the world on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis. This message is conveyed by the positive changes in the natural flora and fauna of the human race.

Human thinking, behavior and activities should be made natural friends. The deteriorating condition of the environment should be made clean by scientific, spiritual and biological management. In order to reduce air, land, noise, food, chemical, electro etc. pollution, all national and international policies should be formulated and implemented in a way that is environment friendly and does not degrade the environment. The environment should be managed by taking care, maintenance, enhancement, protection and utilization of the environment. In the present context, the major environmental problems and environmental destruction are man-made problems. The solution to these problems must be controlled and regulated with criteria. National, In order to minimize environmental problems in compliance with international law, the official body for enforcing and monitoring environmental standards should act. There is an urgent need to take the concept of environmental management to the local level, to coordinate between the governmental, non-governmental and private sectors to solve the problems created due to environmental pollution, and to formulate, implement and monitor sustainable management of effective environmental management.

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