Challenge of Teachers Federation in Changing Circumstances

 Independent, autonomous and common body formed by the teachers working in the schools of Nepal including the integration, transformation and expansion of the Nepal Educational Republican Forum and the organizations affiliated to the Madhesi Teachers Union on the legal basis of the then Nepal Teachers Union. Yes

Today, the Nepal Teachers Federation is at the center of the faith and trust of the Amanepali teachers and staff community and is also developing as an organization of interest and trust to the educational stakeholders. However, the problems are still there.
1. Theoretical Aspects: The teaching staff expects the Nepal Federation of Teachers as a solution to the centuries-old problems in the education sector in Nepal. Or expect the transformation of the education system (educational restructuring, trade union rights, including political rights, educational development and prosperity). According to him, leadership requires determination, plan, duty and reward, but there has been no result and return other than general achievement. In essence, the Federal Education Act has not been promulgated even five years after the promulgation of the constitution. This has become a serious issue.
This is the main contradiction between the Nepal Teachers Federation and the teaching staff community. The problem will continue until there is a consensus among the core leaders of the federation in the process of identifying these contradictions and finding a solution. Even in the past, there were complexities in the method, method and process of running the Nepal Teachers' Union, which was known by the state at that time. The policy of dividing the state and governing it ended in educational and professional achievement in partial achievement.
2. Leadership Building Context: The Nepal Teachers Federation was formed with a ruthless review of past border weaknesses, much debated at the legislative stage. Is leadership formation fully proportional or mixed proportional with direct election to executive positions? There were months of debate. There was no alternative to accepting full proportional representation in leadership formation as the federation was almost non-existent.
Today, there is a problem in the organization and operation of the Federation of Teachers. Should the leadership sent by the federation and the organization to the federation be autonomous or should the affiliated organization be subordinate? The antagonism seems to have started from here. Due to the dual ownership in the federation's operational legislation, problems have arisen. In the operation of the organization, the leaders who lead the federation from the big constituents from the center to the local level sometimes try to operate as their constituent organization.

Without the transformation of these tendencies, there will be no speed in the operation and mobilization of the federation.
3. Programmatic side: In the last phase, a new debate has started on the relationship between the federation and the government. Right to collective bargaining? Need to rebel? If the aspect of the main contradiction is delayed, there will be chaos and fragmented movement within the education sector. This can make the trade union movement defensive with frustration and frustration as the goal is not achieved.
In the end, if the FNJ does not dare to move forward with the socialist oriented education policy as directed by the constitution, the teachers and staff will be seriously deceived. By this time, time will have passed. Let the Nepal Teachers Federation be serious in time.

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