Courageous government, fake India

 The patriotic, nationalist Nepalis who have a deep love for their homeland are happy with the historic and bold decision to make public the political map of Nepal including Kalapani-Lipulek-Limpiyadhura. Nepalis who are loyal to the nation and nationality now feel that they have won the catastrophe as the area of ​​Nepal has been reduced from 147,181 sq km to 147,516 sq km.

Nepal has formally usurped Nepali land after India unilaterally opened a road to China on April 10. In the political and administrative map released by India on November 29, it is said that the Kali River originates from Lipiyadhura. Again, the map revised on November 8 or November 22 has a river but the removal of Kali confirms that India is a forgery. India has been dishonest in its own documents. This confirms the unauthorized encroachment of the territory east of Kali. The current border dispute is complicated by the two countries claiming the same land.
Nepal is not enough just to draw a map on paper. Making the map public does not mean that the land has returned. However, the government has taken the right step at the right time for the national interest. Ordinary Nepalis have also supported this decision. It is not that India made the map in response to it. The road was built and the army and police retaliated. The ground shook and political parties began to disintegrate. The territory does not belong to Nepal by making a map. Boundary demarcation and administrative control, recognized by two internationally recognized countries, are key.
Of course B.Sc. After the signing of the Peace and Friendship Treaty in 2007, Nepal has been facing various blockades and difficulties. Boundary disputes also add complexity to economic, political and other issues. Being a small state in terms of economy, area and population, it is an international norm to be equal in sovereignty, national integrity and self-respect. The foundations of equality of a sovereign nation are based on universal values. Everyone should follow it. Hepaha tendency should not be shown by being small. India has a history of playing a special role in various periods to prove its self-interest and to create its own state-run mechanism.
Whether it is the Treaty of Sugauli and other treaties or the land determined by the East India Company of India that Nepal has won or the claim of the winner rather than the loser as Nepal has won is valid. The Sugauli Treaty and various agreements between Nepal and India should be carefully studied. Activities should be recorded. Of course, it is not unheard of that the copy of the treaty was not with Nepal but was requested from the British Library. In any case, strong evidence, including treaty agreements, issued maps, evidence of occupation must be gathered. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should immediately start making special preparations.
We should not delay in holding peaceful, diplomatic and meaningful diplomatic talks with India by gathering sufficient evidence and documents. Initiatives should be taken for high level talks by gathering historical facts and evidence. It should be done with understanding and not with excitement, impulse and political interest. There is no alternative to finding a solution through mutual dialogue. Don't spread panic, intoxication and excitement. India should appreciate the patience of Nepalis. The sacrifices of Nepalis for nation, nationality and sovereignty should not be forgotten. We must always be ready to make any sacrifice for the ownership of Nepali territory.
The Government of Nepal should immediately take the initiative for a Prime Minister level meeting between the two countries to normalize the situation. In the context of no alternative to mutual dialogue, India should not delay in internationalizing the dispute.
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