High blood pressure: can kill

A 40-year-old man comes to the hospital emergency room with his arms and legs paralyzed and speechless. When he woke up, he had this experience and it was difficult for him to get up. The hair is flowing from one side of the mouth. Looking in the mirror, the face looks crooked. He was surprised. Why does a person who sleeps after eating at night get up in the morning and have such a problem? He told people at home. He called an ambulance and came to the hospital.

He was examined at the hospital. High blood pressure was seen. It was speculated that blood had clotted at the point of commanding the nerve that runs through that part of his brain. That is why it has happened to him. During the blood test, her lipid profile has increased and her sugar level has also increased.
When I first asked him about his condition, when he came to the hospital five years ago, his blood pressure was 180 systolic and 120 diastolic. The doctor had advised her to take medicine. At first, the villagers told him that he had to eat it for the rest of his life. So Khan did not wake up. I stopped eating. But after I stopped eating, I was feeling dizzy, had a headache and couldn't sleep. But they didn't care. Sisno, bitter gourd and neem are eaten in the village. Sometimes he kept eating the same. But today he has this condition.
After taking some medicine, an ambulance was immediately called and referred to Veer Hospital for a CT scan. A CT scan showed a blood clot in the brain, as mentioned earlier. After a long stay in the hospital and constant medication, he is now well, but his limbs are still intact.
While playing cards, another patient suddenly felt pain in his upper abdomen and chest. It was difficult to breathe. I felt the ring. Wakwak came, Chitchit came sweating. He told his friends who were playing cards. He immediately called an ambulance and brought him to the emergency room of the hospital. Checked. She had a myocardial infarction on her ECG. Also called a heart attack. Similarly, the amount of sugar in the blood was increased. He immediately needed oxygen. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to Ganga Lal Hospital. But he died soon after.
He drank heavily and drank heavily. Ten years ago, he was diagnosed with both high blood pressure and diabetes. Even though he was told to take medicine, he used to refuse to eat when he felt like it. He had given up medicine at that time.
These are representative events. Are declining daily. Our blood pressure should be checked at least once in 6 months. If the upper (systolic) pressure is above 120 and the lower (diastolic) is above 80, you should go for medical advice immediately. Every year after the age of 30, even if there is no disease in the body, the main organs are working, blood, ECG, urine, etc. should be checked in the hospital.
Many people in our village say that after taking medicine for blood pressure and blood sugar, you have to take it for the rest of your life, so they say don't start. If you do not start these medications without any symptoms of pain, burning, stinging, it is weakening the main organs that protect the body, such as the kidneys and heart. The inner part of the eye is gradually blurred. As in the previous example, the intoxication inside the brain breaks down and its complications like lameness, lameness, slurred speech, crooked face etc. come. Therefore, if the disease is detected by going to the doctor, it should be taken in the right place for high blood pressure and diabetes by taking regular medicine, eating as prescribed, not drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising as prescribed.
Do not leave the medicine on your own without the advice of a doctor and do not start or change the diet according to the instructions of others. Some people in the village told me that this food was good for me, but some of them change their medicine on their own and even come back with the disease worse. Therefore, whenever the doctor tells you to take the medicine, take the same medicine at the same time and keep in touch with the doctor at any time. Going to keep in touch on the same day. If the situation is a bit complicated, instead of requesting a doctor and keeping a telephone number, ask what to do if you find it difficult to stay at home.
In this way, your precious life is in your hands. Millions of people worldwide die each year from high blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes. Therefore, it is our duty to be aware of our body in time and protect it from future dangers. Health is wealth. If your health is not good then no matter how much money you have, no matter how big your house, no matter how good your car, no matter how big your dignity, it doesn't make much sense. The heart is your health.
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