Teachers are not the bearers of the weakness of the educational sector


The work of teaching in the school has already been done a little bit, but after passing the examination of the Teacher Service Commission in the year 2071 BS and becoming a teacher, a question that has arisen in my mind is constantly haunting me!

Am I a teacher or a soccer player?
As soon as you hear the question, you may feel a little exaggerated!
But the Corona virus Covid-19 epidemic, which has recently invaded the world, is making the question even more complicated.
Every teacher working in a community school is feeling like a footballer due to various suggestions given to the teacher.
Does any teacher need suggestions? Is the suggestions received environmentally friendly and practical? Isn't it in line with the essence of modern teaching method? Few seem to care, ironically the teacher is doomed to implement those suggestions without any response.
Naturally, it is necessary to listen to the suggestions of the Federal Ministry of Education and its subordinate bodies, the provincial Ministry of Social Development and its subordinate bodies, local government, educationists, school management committees, headmasters and parents. But in recent times, the 'educationists' who are forced to stay at home during the government's lockdown period to prevent the spread of the epidemic seem to be busy giving various suggestions! To this day, many people whose names have not been heard, who have not contributed to the education sector through their own use and experience, are becoming 'educators' in this crowd! Their 'suggestions' seem quite different, frustrating and outrageous from the ground up and the state of practical use.
In this context, it is pertinent to quote a statement of Indian leader Jawaharlal Nehru - do not give too many suggestions to anyone, do it yourself. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Do what you suggest so that others can follow you.
The only argument in the world is that everyone is perfect, they don't need anyone's advice. On top of that, teachers who have the important responsibility of preparing the new generation need more timely suggestions. But if the suggestions made in our case are not reviewed in time, we are at increased risk of further disappointment. It is important to do an objective analysis that can be implemented before giving suggestions to the teacher.
Suggestions from talukdar bodies and educationists: An important aspect of the suggestions given to teachers is that they should be updated in a timely manner. Teaching is according to the student's interest, not teaching. Suggestions that teachers should take the responsibility of preparing manpower that can be easily sold in the world are received from these bodies and individuals. Of course, there is no reason to be dissatisfied with these suggestions. However, we should not forget to differentiate it between appropriate and inappropriate in terms of practicality. Without analyzing the environment and the environment, giving suggestions only with reference to other countries of the world, the performance of the teacher will be in a dilemma.
Criticism of the educator towards the teacher is that the teacher could not keep pace with the times. It has to be seen from two sides. First of all, it should not be forgotten that the present teachers are the manpower they have prepared by teaching in the university. How did they teach themselves? How much regularity and how much practicality and how much theory was there in their teaching? Expressing careless anger without analyzing this is just a way to hide your weakness.
Secondly, what voice have they raised on the issue of professional development of teachers? Why don't they talk about the extent to which teachers have been neglected in favor of professional development? What and to what extent is the teacher given the opportunity to get acquainted with the changing knowledge and world environment? Teachers will follow modernity or postmodernism. Who and how to modernize a teacher who is stuck in a remote corner of the village? They do not even have the facilities of post-modernity of the capital. Can only a teacher take care of all this? Don't need to help and motivate the teacher? These are complex questions.
As far as the question of personal and practical education to be imparted by the taluk body is concerned, the statement of the same applies first. There is no doubt that practical and personal education is the need of the hour. But first, who has stopped the talukdar body from making similar changes in the curriculum and assessment system? The rules and regulations are from the 20's, except that the text and the subject matter have been maintained at the same time. In such a terrestrial reality, isn't it just a matter of criticism for the teacher to call it a day of practical and personal education?
Suggestions from parents and headmasters: Teachers are the bearers of the weaknesses of all educational bodies. Moreover, the perfect weapon to hide the weakness of the headmaster is the phrase of carelessness of the teacher. How many principals are ready to come out of the principle of who is their teacher and who is their teacher?
Even parents give bizarre suggestions to teachers about homework, how to teach, how to translate, and how to punish. Moreover, what is the exemption for teachers working in private schools to choose the method at their own discretion? Where is the suggestion that the teacher can't even give homework using his own discretion?
Is it wrong to suggest?
The suggestions that most teachers receive may not be theoretically wrong, but their practicality is uncertain. It is not possible to implement some of the suggestions received in this way even if the teacher wants to. For example, how is it possible in Nepal to teach according to the personal interests of the educators? While the curriculum and syllabus cannot be chosen by the teacher (the facility to choose the syllabus and syllabus is given to the teacher in developed countries).

It is not possible to teach only students with similar aspirations in the classroom. According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology's 2017 report, the teacher-to-student ratio is at least 20 to 32 per class. Finland has 13.67, the United Kingdom 16.4 and the United States 16. In this way, the more students in a class, the less time the teacher gives to the students. In addition, a teacher is allowed to teach up to 45 minutes in a class. How practical is teaching according to the student's interest at such a time? In addition, educators claim that evaluation and verification systems have a direct impact on the teaching process.
Therefore, before educators talk to the teacher about practical teaching, why not suggest that the paper and pen system in the evaluation system should be replaced by the practical system? If the behavior is tested in the assessment, is the teacher happy without teaching the student the behavior?
What is the solution?
The world-famous philosopher Cicero said, "No one else can give you as many suggestions as you yourself."
In order to lift the education sector out of the current depressing situation, teachers themselves have to share their successful and practical experiences. The teacher's suggestions are a product of the flow of ideas rather than a practical solution. The teacher should not be too confused about that. The teacher should improve himself by properly evaluating his environment, student's condition and available resources. Teachers must accept policy and some relevant suggestions received from deep teachers.
But if you listen to all the suggestions on social media and try to put them into practice, the teacher becomes a football and disappears like a crow in a fog. Let's read and listen to the necessary suggestions and start a good practical transformation. Let's establish ourselves as strong professionals, not as a footballer. Let's provide positive energy to become a teacher, not criticism from other concerned parties. Let the teacher be the teacher.

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