The pain of the village


It takes an hour and a half to reach Tamakoshi Hospital from Namadi village in Ramechhap district. A pregnant woman from Namadi underwent a pregnancy test at a health post. She felt like the baby was moving less. Anami checked. She said her heartbeat was not found. In his opinion, ultrasound was necessary. She was sent to Tamakoshi Hospital. Transportation was not easy due to Corona's lockdown. Looking for a car. A Tata Sumo was found. Its rent was Rs 6,000. For an ultrasound of Rs 500, she is now in a position to spend around Rs 7,000 including food.

This event is a representative event. No matter how much we have announced that relief programs are accessible to all voices and pen ink, they are all flying in the air and the people who need real relief are deprived of it.
This raised many questions. A woman wants to have her fetus examined. The Constitution of Nepal and the state say that basic health services will be provided in the yard and will be provided free of cost.
But how can the woman's family afford it? When I talked about his financial situation, I found out that his farm income was not enough to feed him even for 6 months. You have to eat by paying the wages of others. They have not been able to go out to work. There is no other job in the village except ordinary perm. Now how will this family cover this expense? This is a serious question.
As soon as a fetus is born in a woman's womb, it is the responsibility of the state to nurture the fetus properly. To develop that fetus as a good citizen of the country, the state should invest in the health of every possible mother and fetus. The state is the guardian of those two lives. Moreover, the people below the poverty line should be in the direct view of the state. But how many families, like those women's families, will continue to suffer day after day? Do those relief bags also contain the pains of such citizens?
We health workers in the health sector also need to be a little more serious about such things. The woman's heartbeat was not known during the examination. Using a phytoscope alone can sometimes be undetectable. For this, there is an automatic fetal heart testing machine, it is necessary to use such machines in your health institution and help such women as much as possible. This machine is also easy to carry around in the village.
We health workers do not take the severity of any patient's problem lightly. It is best to make a decision after a thorough investigation. Our small decisions can cost patients time, money and lives. Things beyond your study, knowledge, information and skills that you are not sure about, by studying such things or by inquiring from doctors and health workers who know you better. Instead, the brain grows and the patient receives sound advice.
I don't hesitate to say things I don't know. It is good to meditate on the fact that not everyone knows everything at all times. If you pretend to have all the information about your knowledge, reading and skills, there is a fear of causing an accident in the future. In such dramas, there is also a tradition of tapping the patient's goji by making him check more than necessary. This proves to be very dangerous.
It is also a sin to write down all the investigations and to increase the unwanted effects of the drugs by carrying them in a bag without any consultation even if no disease is found in the tests. Moreover, the use of unnecessarily expensive antibiotics is counterproductive for the sick, relatives, society, the village, health workers, and the world's environment. Therefore, taking advantage of the ignorance of the patients and their relatives who have less knowledge about the disease and medicine, it is not rational to exploit them and the burden of sin will be borne.
One of the specialists has the expertise of the same subject and has general knowledge in other subjects. It takes a few years of hard work to work with specialist physicians who have worked on the subject for many years, even after obtaining a medical council certificate for the subject. One person should not want to specialize in many subjects. If the client and the service provider want to get a lot of expertise from the same person, it is best to remove it from the mind of both. Otherwise, it could lead to an accident.
How could patients, relatives and health care providers who came to the health facility and needed emergency assistance financially or for any reason be able to arrange for hotline telephones to be contacted directly by the state's emergency and disaster management committees? Relief and Disaster Management Materials and Committees On the one hand, and people in distress and disasters in hospital beds, on the other hand, not getting services on time is tantamount to not getting facilities. Even if there is a hotline and teams to provide immediate assistance to those affected by health disasters and calamities, the first requirement is for all health institutions, service providers and service recipients to be informed.
The capacity of the primary health care providers in the village is to help bring the patients at risk as soon as possible if the condition is not worse than when they are found. For this, it is necessary for the health workers to be involved in the emergency treatment. At the same time, ambulance helicopters and ambulance vehicles have the same role to take them to the specialist hospitals immediately.
It is not enough to reduce the health problems of the citizens by filling up the shops and posts of the hospital. These stores provide as many medicines, equipment, health workers who can operate the equipment, the kindness of the health workers, the health workers and the people who are willing to help the citizens in their duty time, timely maintenance of the equipment, assistance of biomedical engineers in case of defect, etc. These are the essential elements. The first requirement is the management of all these and the supportive positive attitude of all.
It is more challenging to alleviate the pain of every human being than the whole. But even if those who have the ability to reduce it help with positive thinking, the ills of the society and the village can be gradually reduced. It is important for everyone to pay attention to this.
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