The role of Corona Kahar, the Oli government and the Congress


Between the government's negligence in controlling and treating the global epidemic corona infection and its prevention, the multi-million dollar corruption in repeated procurement of health products, the opacity of tens of billions in alleged corona control, and the ongoing RDT test (which has no national or international credibility). Public health games, unorganized quarantine, irregularities in quarantine expenses and the situation of rape and insecurity in quarantine, government neglect in rescuing stranded Nepali workers abroad and looting in the name of rescue, land grabbing in the MCC case For the past few months, Nepal's politics has been focused on a series of events, including the map public. In addition to the brutal abom passbik rukum massacre, Probably for the first time in history, the daily street agitation against the undemocratic and irresponsible activities of the party leadership and the participation of thousands of flagless youths has created a situation where there will be no political upheaval in the form of rebellion. While Nepal is going through various ups and downs amidst different scenes of criticism, welcome, protest, happiness and sadness, the unexpected tensions and rifts in our friendly relations with India and the initial clashes between China and India in the eastern border region of Ladakh are now The situation has become more tense and serious and sensitive. While the entire world community is terrorized by the tragedy of Corona Kahar, on the one hand, in the United States, in the context of resistance and retaliation after the murder of a black and black citizen. Violence, looting and destruction in uncontrolled protests have plunged the United States into civil war, and this anti-apartheid movement is affecting other countries as well. In the case of the coronavirus, the whole world is bound to go to war at any time. The negative impact on the economy and employment and human welfare is unimaginable. Thus, if we study and analyze the overall world situation today, we can conclude that tomorrow the world community will not be comfortable and pleasant for anyone and we will be forced to face a very painful challenge and that will probably prove to be very costly. There is no doubt that Nepal will be the victim of the fate of all those situations and for an underdeveloped dependent poor conflict-ridden nation like ours, this situation will be even worse.

Nepal is returning to normal daily from this week's three-month lockdown. The lockdown, which started on April 26, has been removed after two people were found to be infected. Nowadays, the lockdown has been removed at an average of 500 to 700 per day. According to health workers in the health sector, the government has removed the timber on the basis of Hachuwa without issuing a definite code of conduct. What is most surprising is that no one understands how this government is presenting itself even at this sensitive time of transition, when it is seen as a ridiculous character in front of the world by repeatedly making baseless and light remarks about our Prime Minister Corona. Tomorrow, when the people will not understand the government's policy of easing the timber for the sole purpose of raising taxes for the last time No one has seriously analyzed the dire consequences that may come during the day and no concrete measures have been taken to prevent it. On the contrary, while the people are confused by the misleading and exaggerated statements about the Corona and the government's ineffectiveness in the necessary and proper management, fears have spread among the people about the dire situation it will face tomorrow. Due to the irresponsible and clumsy presentation of the government ignoring the dangerous epidemic like Corona, the anti-government citizens, especially the youth movement, are gaining strength in the streets these days. At the same time, the confusion created by the US-funded MCC project and the risks and far-reaching implications of its approval or rejection, the general public's confusion, the differences between the parties, the differences between finance and infrastructure experts,
Apart from this, minor domestic issues related to the government, civil bills, etc. have also reached the stage of heating up Nepali politics. The performance of the present government, which has failed every test of the people in the last two and a half years, is undoubtedly neither satisfactory nor reform-oriented. At a time when the popularity and credibility of the government is declining day by day, naturally the people have no faith, trust or hope in the government. When the people are completely disillusioned with the government, the shadow government, the so-called main opposition, has to turn its attention to the anti-people activities of the government against the expectations and aspirations of the people, raise awareness, raise strong voices against the government in the House and on the streets. And the arbitrariness of government, Let the people resist anarchy and state terror, and at least let the people trust the responsible opposition, even if only a little. Similarly, with the same thoughts and aspirations, various questions naturally start to settle in the minds of the people as to whether the Nepali people have been satisfied with the present role of the opposition. Has the Congress been able to play the necessary role responsibly according to the wishes and desires of the people?
Has the Congress failed to make its contribution as an opposition in this time of national crisis? Is the attitude of the Congress on various controversial and complex national issues conducive to public sentiment?
An integral institution is also the ABM system. The role and responsibility of a huge party like the Nepali Congress, which has a long history, is always expected by the nation. Accordingly, the Congress is presenting its presence in a general manner in the context of recent developments. The government seems to be providing constructive support for good deeds and making people aware of wrong deeds. However, it is necessary to be more clear on some national issues in the context of the perception that the Congress has not been able to play a significant role in the complex and deep issues facing the country for some time now. Isn't it necessary to make it clear to the people through a wide-ranging discussion and debate involving the stakeholders that there is a continuous negative message about the MCC plan at the grassroots level but the Congress is in full support of the implementation of this plan? Some individual groups and mobs deliberately contradicted this plan Citizens should not be informed about the reality and effectiveness of the scheme by holding in-depth discussions with party-affiliated foreign finance and infrastructure experts, including misleading and unsubstantiated speculations about the country becoming a victim of conflict with the entry of foreign troops. And? Why has the anti-government mob not dared to lead the movement in the current situation where it has become an environment of fierce movement? Or do we not support this movement? Don't we feel ashamed and helpless when the people say that the Congress is the ruling party or the opposition? And shouldn't the national obligation be fulfilled by debating the serious issues that have arisen with the neighboring countries and the crisis that it could lead to in the future? While handing over all the responsibility to Oli Ba, while pushing the country into an awkward situation, the Congress should remain the watchdog. Is there a discount? It seems that the Congress is not asleep? History is very cruel. If we fail the test of history, history will never forgive.
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