Today, Nepal is facing a unique situation in its history


Due to the unexpected increase in the number of coronavirus cases across the country in the last few days, the border dispute with India in Kalapani of western Nepal has escalated and various domestic problems have caused Nepal to face a unique situation in its history. While the Corona epidemic is sweeping the globe and the entire human race is fighting the Corona catastrophe together, we are not only failing the necessary efforts and initiatives for the control and prevention of the disease. Has reached a critical stage. Quantitative and qualitative management of potential corona infections, such as Making quarantine according to the criteria, arranging proper health examination and isolation treatment of those returning from the border and abroad and raising the morale of the people by adequately managing the necessary health supplies, when the working style of the government is limited to formalities. Where are we in the war against corona, when the news of the PCR test of an unexpected patient, our miserable condition of having to undergo PCR test only after death and the confirmation of death from corona infection 8 days after the funeral? It is not difficult to understand how you are coping with the preparations. Perhaps this is why the lockdown that has been going on for more than two months has become completely futile and the epidemic is spreading at the community level. If so, we will definitely be defeated in the fight against this epidemic and we are in a state of angst just imagining how unfortunate it would be for all of us.

Corona Kahar: While the general Nepali people are being mentally, physically, physically and financially deranged, the various developments taking place in the country have shattered the knowledge, conscience, ability, thinking, culture and ethics of our leaders. Sometimes by issuing unseasonable and meaningless ordinances, sometimes by playing the abominable game of power and money in the name of change of power, sometimes by indulging in unimaginable corruption, sometimes by displaying the character of the Roman emperor Nero without caring for the safety of the people's livelihood. We know and it is a fact that the two-thirds government of KP is many times more powerful than the two-thirds government of BP in 2015. The reason why this government is more powerful than BP's government is that BP's government was dictated by King Mahendra, sometimes in some contexts,
This may not have happened in the past under the previous governments. As the government's popularity, credibility and legitimacy waned due to one anti-people scandal after another, when the ruling party took the lead in changing the leadership of the government and took the lead in the people's movement against the government And to calm it down, Tanzania invaded. In the same vein, the present government has for the last time been psychologically blackmailing the Nepali people over the issue of border dispute with India for six decades and is trying to extend the life of the government by diverting many serious issues from the country.
History has shown that the Gandak Treaty and Agreement has made Nepal a victim in many places, knowingly or unknowingly. All Nepalis are at least aware of the issue of citizenship issued to Indians, whether it is a problem created by the unnatural activities of the Consul General in Birgunj or the border issue from Susta to Limpiyadhura. There is no doubt that they are aware. On the contrary, the fact that the leaders of the major parties called Maihu have repeatedly obeyed the orders of the Indian rulers and proved to be active in unforgivable treasonous activities against Nepal in different periods of history as per Indian policy directives. Even in the current serious border crisis, our top political leaders are not tired of making irresponsible statements. Some are talking about leasing Kalapani, some are exchanging land from Kankadvitta to Calcutta Some are talking about sending troops to the Kalapani area to drive out the Indian army, some are talking about putting up a barbed wire fence on the border, some are speculating that the area is not on the map of Nepal. What is more interesting is that a few days ago, before the government of Nepal decided to publish a political map of the country, five days before a TV interview with senior journalist Bhushan Dahal, I myself have not seen the Nepali map including Limpiyadhura, Kalapani, Lipulek. Have you read it? It is clear from the counter-question that he is ignorant of the encroached land. Five days later, due to the pressure of the people, the influence of the parliament, the role of the media and the naked display of India's own expansionist ego Hepah abuse, Limpiyadhura, Kalapani, The government was forced to make public a new map of Lipulec. The land was included in India's map made public a few months ago.
India's serious disapproval of the sovereign state of Nepal's map has already come and both the countries have reached the stage of claiming the said territory of the border area as their own. But in the meantime, the lack of any diplomatic initiative for a dignified solution to the dispute, political talks and the government's promptness in resolving the issue has once again created tense relations between the two neighboring countries. And with this slowly reaching the civic level, tomorrow is likely to be very challenging. It would be wise to resolve all these contentious issues on the basis of dialogue and consensus in this tragic time of the epidemic as the uncomfortable situation due to the rift between the two countries could be very costly. Spreading hatred No one is going to benefit by spoiling the relations between the two countries at the instigation of anyone. But these days, some self-proclaimed extremist groups (some praising Oli and some abusing India) are competing to become hits by chanting nationalist slogans. Which is not at all up to date. In the case of Nepal, the late senior politician. Rajeshwar Debkota's statement comes to mind here that "it is easy to say I am a nationalist but it is difficult to live as a nationalist." The reality is the same again. Rajeshwar Debkota's statement comes to mind here that "it is easy to say I am a nationalist but it is difficult to live as a nationalist." The reality is the same again. Rajeshwar Debkota's statement comes to mind here that "it is easy to say I am a nationalist but it is difficult to live as a nationalist." The reality is the same again.
We all know that Nepal has many misunderstood and contentious issues with India which need to be resolved on the basis of trust on the basis of equality and co-existence. The more India has our dissatisfaction and misunderstanding, the more grievances, anger and confrontation we have, the less comfortable it is for us to trade. Due to our geopolitical situation, breadwinner relations with India, influence of religion, caste, language, culture, employment, trade and unhindered use of open borders and the importance of being a large part of our India dependent trade and economy and being a landlocked country. There is no possibility of a confrontation, there is no possibility of a confrontation. This is the reality. However, it is a shameful and indecent act for a powerful country like India, which is emerging as a rising power on the world map and trying to encroach on the territory of its neighbor Nepal, which is about 22 times smaller than itself, in terms of area. There has been no resistance from the opposition. At a time when the sovereignty, independence and geographical integrity of our dearest country, Nepal, has been disrupted by the unwavering patriotism of our forefathers due to their indomitable courage and sacrifice. The seriousness of the problem could be exacerbated when a small country comes to Awes and tries to retaliate through anarchic activities. Which cannot happen. The preamble to the UN Charter states, "Tolerance and coexistence as good neighbors." Contemplate this notion that in such a sensitive issue, whether it is a political issue or a controversial statement from other citizens, let's contribute to the promotion of national interest and self-interest, demonstrate responsibility and maturity, and be conducive to dialogue Engage in result-oriented pressure on both mouths to create. Be prepared to face any difficult situation for the defense of the motherland.
But in this current dire situation, let us first unite to save the people from the epidemic of Corona. Get involved in the management of ICU, Ventilator, isolation ward in the hospital, do not play with the health of the people at all, how to secure the medical test of thousands of Nepali expatriates daily, the government's agility to increase the scope of RDT / PCR test. Put pressure to increase, show humanity and rise above all controversy in this difficult situation. Tomorrow is our time. After winning the battle with Corona, Limpiyadhura, Kalapani or Lipulek Susta and if necessary, fight with India or China if necessary, this is the lesson taught by the victorious history. Save yourself and save others. Hail!
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