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Today, politics has become the most notorious in our country. The country is in turmoil. There is widespread frustration all around. Excitement and excitement filled the fable. What bird's name is that? That man has forgotten. The world has reached the orbit of Mars. The news of which country planted radish on the moon is not far off. But, neither our village nor the city has changed. Yes, there are some who are not there, but the main thing is that they have become more destitute than they should be. Take our example of roads. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. How deadly will this destruction in the name of development be for tomorrow?

The situation is similar in our education sector. Educational institutions have become like nurseries producing Gafadi. The situation is similar in our social and cultural spheres. Today, even in the 21st century, we are reluctant to talk about caste discrimination. With the passage of time, we have not been able to erode the established values ​​and build new values ​​in our society. Such things bind our society. Our domestic economic output was almost exhausted. Our arable land was completely ruined. Our youth power came to Arabia. We are in such a situation. Where we are today may be due to various reasons. But since politics is concerned with all sectors, how can there be a name in other sectors when politics is notorious? It cannot be a matter of surprise in itself.
But there are also political parties running. Probably because politics is more of a business than a service, the attachment of a certain party to it has also increased. Yes, the people are in a state of vomiting after saying politics. But even a stream is full of such exaggerated attachments. There is impatience. There is confusion as to how to become a leader, when to become a leader. I see people lying. I see him walking around eating. I see him walking around spending money like water. I see him walking with sticks. I see him crying. I see Ghurki fighting. I see him jumping. But he is not a leader. There is a situation of incapable, capable plowing. Nothing should happen. There are so many things. But how to be a leader?

How to become a leader now?
If you want to be a leader by running, you have to be a leader by joking in the morning. Bodybuilders should be leaders if they want to be leaders with big arms. If you want to be a leader with money, all the Newars of Kathmandu should be leaders. If you want to be a leader by shouting and writing on Facebook, you have to be a leader. If you want to be a leader by writing a book, you have to be a leader. If you want to be a leader by feeding people, then Marwaris should be leaders. This means that all these actions are not the way to achieve a leader. But still people are making the same mistake and pushing themselves towards happiness, stress and sorrow.
Do you hear that money is needed to be a leader?
Is it I had the opportunity to read a short autobiography of Girija Prasad Koirala in a magazine around 48-49. His memory made me so impressed that I didn't talk. Although I was a fierce communist. What was written in that memoir was when they were young, including Girija Prasad Koirala. It is said that his father Krishna Prasad forbade him from reading anything other than entertainment. There is a man named Haji Sahib who always comes to their house. The man would come on horseback wearing a clean kurta. He will also give loans to his father when needed. However, in his childish psyche, this man seems to be a great man.
One day Mahatma Gandhi is coming to Farbisgunj. Krishna Prasad Koirala has ordered them to attend the program. At that time, where was the opportunity to disobey the order of the father who could lose the word of God? They have gone to Farbisgunj. When the program started, a half-naked man came and sat on the stage. The wheel is placed next to it. Now the program is going on. At the same time, Haji Saab arrived on horseback. The man who had a great and big thought by tying a horse to a nearby tree came and sat next to Girija Prasad. Girija Prasad Koirala's mind wandered. A man with a clean horse kurta, a ring on his hand and a gold chain around his neck comes and sits beside him. A man called Mahatma Gandhi is on the stage in the guise of a yogi.
Has the country and society become so exhausted by sitting next to Mahatma Gandhi Girija Prasad, who has to sit on the stage today, and sitting on the stage? It is important to pay attention to those who want to become leaders today. Money is not only in politics. It is important in every area of ​​life. But money is important. Money should not be everything in politics. Everyone knows that. The party is not a factory or a shop at all. If you build a shop or a factory, it will not last at all. Because traders do business for their own profit, not to make the country great. In this case, what is the point of buying a large number of people? What does it mean to be a business man?
In this sense, politics and political action is an art of building a society. A skilled man makes an idol out of a piece of wood. Who has no skill Those who do not have the same skill will tear and burn. What is his alternative? But the problem today is that they do not have the skill to make wooden idols. That artist is not with me. But he says he will make an idol. Lives with hammer and chisel. He throws as much as he can. It is getting worse. The more effort and hard work, the worse it gets. In the end, it will burn again. Instead, straight labor was not wasted. Time was not wasted. If we consider the country and the society as a scapegoat today and foolish politicians as fake sculptors, then it is clear why the situation of our country has become like this. It also becomes clear what you need to become a leader.
Finally, politics is considered the father of policies. The father of policies may mean the leader of policies. Is the leader the leader of the people or is it January? It is easy to graze 500 goats, but it is not easy to graze thousands of people like yourself just because of money, not just because of Pahalman. In the car, helicopter, Not even on foot. Only a constantly flowing river can make its way. Only a chest like the earth can cover everything. Only flowers can give fragrance. You should be able to be just like the sun. When the sun rises, it rises not only for the flower, but also in the garbage. Her warmth is for everyone. To some, too much is too little. There must be determination like a mountain and determination like a volcano. Besides, he had to have a lot of skills to build a society. Otherwise, where is the leader by pretending to go to his in-laws and changing the face of the country? Where does one become a leader by trading Sidra to Pashupati? Where is the leader who robs the left hand with the right hand? Where is the leader by walking for cold and alcohol? Where is the leader who says don't be big? A leader is to translate divinity into real life. Otherwise why waste time? Where is the leader by walking for alcohol? Where is the leader who says don't be big? A leader is to translate divinity into real life. Otherwise why waste time? Where is the leader by walking for alcohol? Where is the leader who says don't be big? A leader is to translate divinity into real life. Otherwise why waste time?
Today, the people who are burning the country and flooding the society with so many cries and claiming that they are the leader are going crazy. His suicide is nothing but the warmth of a cable. In the future, Baraju will be punished in a memorable way. It may be late or early. Can we produce ten such leaders in this country?

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